Hey cats, 

We have been really busy trying to push this love boat of ours... And we are only just getting started. 

Off of the back of playing at the Spring Festival at the end of may, we are now heading into the studio to mix our first record. We have been asked by the lovely guys of DodoBones (if you haven't heard them, you really should, they're awesome) if we could have one of our tracks featured on a compilation album they are gathering together. As well as themselves, the album will feature songs from bands they have played alongside, and we are honoured to have been considered for this. 

So it's off to the studio for us to get this done... but whilst we are there we are going to get more than one track done! Oh yes... we are recording our first E.P. Both projects are in their infancy, but once we start, it won't be long before we are bringing them to you so stay tuned for regular updates on this!!  


Alongside all of this, we have a few London gigs booked in. This weekend we are at the Acklam Village Market, on the 29th June we are at The Water Rats and then 14th July at 93 Feet East. All details are on the website. If you haven't already, give our Facebook page a like (@othersonsband) and we can update you with any gigs that might come in the mean time! 

And finally (I'll stop ramble chatting now!) Is a huge thank you to all that have been down and given us love and support on our journey so far, you are all spectacular human beings! If you haven't been down to one of our gigs and wish to become a member of the spectacular human beings club, it's very easy to sign up. Give our Facebook page a like, and come and say hello at one of our gigs. You'll be part of the family quicker than you can say shotgun!! 

 Thanks for reading, listening, watching and being great. 

 Stay awesome 



We are OtherSons

What's up friends...

For those that don't know about us yet, this blog page will give you a window into the life of what we love to do. Welcome to our adventure!

 We are OtherSons. A three piece band from London comprising of Richard (Drums), Chris (Bass) and Alex (Guitar/Vocals).

 Our backgrounds and influences vary, but we are all students of this art and are always drawing influence from everything we see and hear.

All of that becomes the sounds you hear on stage and through your speakers!

 Currently, we are writing and gigging as much as possible and are in the process of recording our first single. So, watch this space!!

Over the coming weeks, months and years we will be updating this blog to let you know what we are up to.

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts @othersonsband for multi-angle access to what we're upto alongside all our gig news and live action.

 Stay awesome!!